Our Services


RAB,(Rotary Air Blast) Blade and down hole hammer. Our drills and support vehicles are set up to drill and move fast. Ideal for meter sampling via cyclone in dry consolidated formations.

Air-core, (RC blade) Blade and small hammer. Air-core is our specialty. We drill some of the most difficult ground types in Australia. Sample is sucked up from the face of the bit whilst high-pressure air holds the water back. We give our clients uncontaminated meter by meter samples through alluvial cover into bed rock until blade refusal. Our level of expertise in Air-core and having the right equipment on hand enable us to achieve high production rates in Murry basin cover, sands, sticky clays and weathered formations.

RC (Reverse circulation) Down hole hammer face sampling.
We are experienced and have the equipment to drill rock to 250meters.
We do RC diamond pre collars, take down hole surveys and case the hole if needed.
Our specialty is Slimline RC using our smaller truck or tracked rigs to get into places big rigs cant. Subsequently reducing the costs and environmental impact of the drilling program.

Water bores

We do de-watering, irrigation, monitoring wells and stock/domestic water bores.


    • Soil investigation and monitoring well.
    • Drilling and grouting of ground anchors.
    • Drilling and installation of cathodes to protect underground pipes.
    • Drilling and installation of ground earthing wires and conductive grout for power poles.


Preferred contractor of Australian Geothermal Solutions. We provide drilling and grouting services including copper refrigerant loop and water loop installation for ground sourced heat pump systems.

These systems are the most efficient way to heat and cool buildings and swimming pools. This efficient technology should be used on suitable new developments. See Australian Geothermal Solutions for more information.