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Mex 150.  RAB, Air-Core RC and Water well. 250meters Max.

6×4 Mack truck with low range diffs, cross locks and diff locks. On board 750/350psi compressor
Aux air and booster plugs in to hold 900 psi. Side mounted swing out cyclone. Compact powerful and quick to setup.

RAB, Air-Core RC and Water well.


Edson 200. Geotech, Slimline RC, RAB and Air core. Shallow diamond and Water bores. 100meters Max.

Mounted on a 4×4 Isuzu truck it can quickly be setup to carry onboard 750/250 air compressor or mud pump system. Swing out cyclone.


UDR Scout 250. RC, Air Core, Water well. 200meters Max.

Mounted on Mitsubishi/CAT LD 1000C rubber tracked carrier, this drill will NOT get bogged. Powerful and fast it’s perfect for soft paddocks, crops and steep country. Hydraulic arm swings out with cyclone and splitter.